Becca (_becca84_) wrote in svgiftxchange,

A Very Late Merry Christmas firefly1344!

For: firefly1344
Title: Elephant
Medium: Fan Vid
Warnings/Spoilers: Scenes from seasons 8,9,&10
Disclaimer: None

Title: Comes and Goes (In Dysfunction)
Medium: FanMix
Warnings/Spoilers: Seasons 8,9,&10 I guess
Disclaimer: PG-13

Anything else: I'm very sorry you got stuck with a pinch hitter and your gift is so late! And since you've had to wait so long, you get two gifts :) This is my first time making anything for Oliver/Tess, so I hope I did ok!

Follow the fake cut for the vid and fanmix...
Tags: genre: het, medium: fanmix, medium: fanvid, pairing: oliver/tess, rating: pg-13
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