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Naughty-N-Nice NC-17

Smallville Gift Exchange Post
For: miss_morrygan
Title: Naughty-N- Nice
Medium: fic
Disclaimer: None
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Rated NC-17

Chloe was so nervous, she had wanted to give Oliver his Christmas present before they went to Aspen for the holidays. The JL was going to meet them for an old fashioned Christmas at the Queen cabin. Chloe knew that Oliver had been working hard, trying to get his business settled before they could leave. Chloe had been wanting to do something different for him, he was getting some normal gifts, but she wanted to bring and extra special smile to his face.

Chloe looked herself over in the mirror one more time adjusting her outfit. She smiled and then crawled up onto the bed waiting for her husband to get home.

Oliver was tired, the board room today, his last day of work turned into a medieval torture chamber. All he could think about was getting home, seeing his wife, having some wine, and chilling before they had to pack for their trip. He entered their master bedroom, loosening his tie and removing his jacket. It dawned on him that the room was dark, the curtains drawn. He smiled, Chloe must have gotten caught up in the Watch Tower. He went to his bed side and turned on his lap and dropped his jacket and tie on the floor from the sight.

“Well hello big fella,” Chloe purred. “Care to tell Mrs. Claus what you’d like for Christmas?” Oliver could only stare. “Ohh staring isn’t nice. Its actually very, very naughty. Do you like naughty things?” her voice sultry and licked over his skin.

Oliver couldn’t believe his wife. She was in a short tight strapless Mrs. Claus outfit, red and white thigh high tights that looked like candy canes, red stilettos, a Santa hat and red elbow length satin gloves. His mouth went dry as he saw the brilliant red of her lips and the pucker up kiss she blew him.

“Sorry what was the question?” he managed to say. Chloe moved provocatively to the edge of the bed then sat at its edge, crossing her legs dramatically. Oliver some how managed to move to stand in front of her. He wasn’t sure how, there most certainly no blood going to his brain or his legs for that matter.

“Naughty or Nice?” she smirked. She leaned back resting on her hands, a little bit of green silk showed just above the top of her dress. The bra she wore was definitely pushing up her assets.

“Ollie,” she sing-songed his name. “Earth to Mr. Queen.”

“Uh you really don’t expect me to think right now do you?” Chloe put a red index finger on her lips thinking about his question. She smirked as her mouth opened and she put the gloved tip in her mouth and sucked on it. “Oh, god,” he moaned.

“Something wrong?” she asked sweetly. All Ollie could do was shake his head.

“One more time, sweetness.” she purred. “Naughty or nice?”

“Um,” his couldn’t articulate anything, his wife was so smoking hot.

“How about this then, you’ve been very, very nice.” she grinned. “How about something just a little bit naughty?”

Oliver groaned as her tongue peaked out of her mouth and ran along her lips. “Yes, please.” was all he could say, like child who was just asked if he wanted dessert before dinner.

Chloe laughed and reached out and took his hands in hers while she stood up, the heels she wore finally gave her some height to be right at his mouth level with out him having to crouch or her having to stand on the tips of her toes. She put his hands on her waist as she slid her gloved ones up his chest to the top button of his shirt and slowly started to undo the buttons agonizingly slow for him, one button at a time.

“Now, how was the office today.”

“Uhhh, I have a job?” he spoke his day was seemingly erased from his memory. Chloe nodded and smiled. Once she had enough of his chest exposed she began to kiss her way down the exposed flesh. “Not so talkative tonight, bad day?” her voice was like silk on his skin, and he hardened even further.

“Baby, there is no way I can think about anything. I don’t know if you noticed, but I think I have a significant blood shortage to the brain right now.” Chloe giggled and pulled her lips of his chest and Oliver wanted to protest.

“Well lets just take a look shall we?” she spoke as she slid her hands to the waist of his suit pants. She undid his belt, unbuttoned them and put her hand on his zipper. His hips bucked forward.

“God,” he moaned. Chloe lowered the zipper slowly and saw the head of his arousal peaking from the top of his briefs and she licked her red full lips.

Chloe reached with an index finger and ran it gently over the weeping head. Oliver’s eyes rolled back into his head, his breathing was heavy. “Like that?” she asked her voice just over a whisper. Oliver nodded. Chloe then sat back down putting her hands on his hips and pulling him to stand before her. She then released her hold and reached for his pants and lowered his briefs and his slacks down his thighs. “Well my my my.” she teased.
“Do you Ollie know what one of my favorite things about Christmas is?” she looked up at him with mischief in her eyes. He shook his head briefly to try and regain composure, when an image hit him upside the head.

“Ohhh, god, Candy Canes.” he whispered.

“Good boy, you got it right, that definitely deserves a reward.” she smiled. She slid a gloved hand along his shaft from base to tip and Oliver very nearly came from it. He cupped her cheek with one hand while the other was pumping a fist, trying to fight the urge to just fuck her 7 ways from Sunday. Chloe licked her lips again and in the split second it took for her to do that and for Oliver’s brain to actually receive the message of what she was about to do, her mouth was on him and he saw stars, millions of brilliant stars and his IQ dropped even further. All he knew was it was raw, primal and ohh so fucking hot. Chloe moaned and the vibration from her throat went straight to his balls and his focus was again on his sexy wife sucking him with fervor. His hips started to move of their own accord and he closed his eyes. She then sucked so hard, she pulled off away from his tip with a loud pop. “How you doing big fella?” she purred again. Oliver opened his eyes dreamily to see her crawling back wards on the bed toward the head board once she got there, she sat up while unbuttoning the front of her dress. It opened t reveal a green strapless push up bra with little red berries in its center. Oliver gasped, his wife was wearing a mistletoe bra. She curled her index finger at him and he nodded, while quickly getting undressed. He crawled onto the bed and smirked.

“You are so hot,” he whispered. He reached for one foot slipped her shoe off and began to kiss his way up her leg, up the striped stocking toward her thigh. He brushed her moist panty covered flesh with brief kisses before he moved his way down her other leg to remove the remaining shoe. He then tossed her legs over his shoulders, pulling her toward him and he leaned forward and started to kiss her, sliding his tongue behind the silky green barely there panties.

Chloe nearly screamed as his tongue reached the one spot that would drive her mad until her release. She was starting to doubt that she thought her plan through when he slid a finger into her. The point was to drive him insane, and she was on that pleasure highway in a convertible, top down and ready to scream. She heard the rip of fabric as her panties became history and her husband kissed her in earnest. “So, so good.” he managed to speak in between intimate kisses. Chloe’s orgasm came out of nowhere like a tsunami, her thighs squeezed his head, and he put a hand on her lower abdomen to keep her on the mattress.

When she came down to earth he was gently kissing a path up her body. “That so back fired.” she panted.

“What sweet?” he purred, kiss, lick, kiss, kiss.

“I wanted to surprise you, give you a treat…..” she frowned.

“Baby, you have. Nothing gives me more pleasure then seeing, hearing and feeling you come all over me.”

“So you’re not disappointed?”

“Absolutely not,” he spoke pressing his body into hers, his erection rubbing against her belly. “Greatest gift ever, not just for Christmas.” he kissed the corners of her mouth, then the tip of her nose. “The fact that you dressed up for me, in serious fuck me heels and lipstick that just…….great for the bedroom honey, is so priceless to me. You are just… wow…” he smiled. Chloe managed to mover her legs from underneath him positioning him in the cradle.

“Then,” she smiled again cupping his face in her gloved hands. “Show me Mr. Queen,” he looked confused. “That naughty can be really, really nice.” she grinned. He then took possession of her mouth and slid his hands to the cups of her bra, feeling, kneading the flesh, knowing what his hands on her breasts was doing to her. He was a concert pianist playing her body with expert intensity. In another 20 minutes, they were both wound up so tight that either could go over the edge with a word. So when Oliver slid into her, they both nearly came from just the penetration. Oliver wrapped her legs around his waist and then leaned to kiss her as he began to move with in her. It started slow at first, but he had pushed the limits of restraint. He felt that familiar sensation building at the base of his spine, and he slipped a hand between them to flick her nub, her orgasm rolled over him drawing his out quickly and they flew, together like always, Right and Left hand, Chloe and Oliver, Arrow and Tower, the perfect combination.

Sated, Chloe lay sprawled on his chest, stockings on, gloves on, and nothing but a smile.
“I love you.“ she purred and kissed his chest over his heart.

“I love you too,” he kissed her temple. “And you’re right,”

“I am?”

“Naughty is very ,very nice.”

“Good night Ollie,”

“Good night Chloe.”

“Merry Christmas” …



Tags: medium: fanfiction, pairing: chloe/oliver, rating: nc-17
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