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Icons and Wallpapers for ladyoneill

For: ladyoneill
Title: But Before the Night is Through...
Medium: icons & wallpapers
Warnings/Spoilers: some chloeavage & lots of younger woman/older man.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything :(
Anything else: I'm so so sorry I didn't get to post this in xmas, family stuff got a little crazy. It still feels like xmas though, since its still the weekend and no one I know is working :)  Happy Belated Holiday's [info]ladyoneill
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tvd - caroline


For: caremikaelson
From: lynzie914
Medium: fanart, headers/banners and icons
Warnings/Spoilers: Scenes used from seasons nine and ten.
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.
Anything else: I apologize for this being kind of late and but you know, its still Christmas a lot of places. XD I really hope that you find something in the batch that you like and can enjoy.  

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Clark/Ollie B&B

[Fic: Clark/Oliver] Enchanted, for kimisgirl

Title: Enchanted
Author: mitsuki_shizuka 
Recipient: kimisgirl 
Medium: Fic
Fandom/Genre: Smallville AU/ Romance, Angst, Slash
Pairing(s): Clark/Oliver
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3k words
Warnings: Swearing
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the show
Summary: Clark Kent is a journalist, Oliver Queen is the heir to Queens Industries, they couldn't be any more different but they meet at a ball Oliver's parents throw in their mannor and Oliver falls in love.
Author's notes:  This is for kimisgirl as part of the svgiftxchange I'm sorry this is a little bit late (but it's still the 25th in some places, right?). I hope you like reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Merry Christmas ! 

 “Part of my charm,” Oliver banters easily, catching Clark’s playful gaze. “Where do you fit in then, Clark? If pretentious socialites’ parties aren’t your thing, what is?”

Arrow cast

Fic: Christmas with the Queens, Chloe/Oliver Lois/Clark, PG

Fic: Christmas with the Queens.
Author: isdon_isgood9
Rating: PG
Summary: A family Christmas at the Kent farm leads to its normal chaos...
Characters/Pairings: Chloe/Oliver, Clark/Lois, Dinah/Bruce, Martha
Word Count: 1,925
Disclaimer: I, sadly, don’t own Smallville or any of it characters, so please don’t sue, I’m just a poor uni student.
A/N: This is written for deangirl20 as part of the svgiftxchange, sorry it's' a little late. She was pretty open with what she wanted, clois or chlollie and no angst, so I hope I delivered. This is also the sequel to Ballroom Surprises, but you don’t have to read this to get any part of this story : D Also the idea for this story came from manip number 6 made by jennyspring
Enjoy! And feel free to comment.

Pulling Shelby away Chloe pulled her daughter to her.

For tennysonslady - FIC: Dare to Hope - T - Chloe/Oliver

Title: Dare to Hope
Category: Smallville
Author: sarcastic_fina 
For: [info]tennysonslady  - svgiftexchange
Genre: Angst/Romance
Ship: Chloe/Oliver
Rating: PG13
Warning(s): Disregards 10x11 – Icarus ; spoilers for season 9 and 10
Word Count: 10,077
Summary: Oliver Queen had lost his hope… and then a Christmas miracle went and brought it back.

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For chaotic4life: Fic: A New Fantastic Point of View (Clark/Oliver)

Title: A New Fantastic Point of View
Author: ladybugkay 
For: chaotic4life (MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!)
Medium: Fanfiction
Pairing: developing Clark/Oliver, past Clark/Tess and Lois/Oliver
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6420
Warnings/Spoilers: AU after 10x10 “Luthor,” so knowledge of that episode is a must; some angst; some rambling; much internal monologueing and absent plot; unexpected fluff.
Summary: Lionel went through the mirror box and Clark…didn’t. Unable to go back, he has to find a way to move forward.
Disclaimer: DC and Gough & Millar and the CW and some others I forget own the characters and the original storylines and episodes and scripted dialogue. But this fic is mine.
Note: This is a lot more introspective and less action-packed than I envisioned. Maybe I can fix it up over the next few days and repost a freshly edited version.

This is also a world in which Clark can fly.
celeb. michael.rosenbaum » and they say


For: karahalliwell
Title: Clark & Lois: Slipped Your Heart Into Mine ;;
Medium: EP Fanmix (Part 2 of 3).
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers. Spoilers. Spoilers, for the whole of S10 as far as the graphic goes.
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, I just love sharing amazing music with equally amazing people.
Anything else: This is an EP mix, which is generally comprised of about three to seven songs and no more than that. It nearly broke my brain putting this together, because it started out as one whole mix that grew and grew to sizes we will NOT even begin to mention. But, then it thankfully decided on IT'S OWN that it needed to cull itself back and did so by becoming part 1 in a two part story of Clark and Lois and how their EPIC LOVE spans ALL THE 'VERSES. Oh, and it also comes along with an awesome b-side too. So, yeah...enjoy bb! :)

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Smiles Clois Smallville S10

Five Times Clark Fantasized About Lois for theclexfactor

Title: "Five Times Clark Fantasized About Lois (and once he didn't have to)" for theclexfactor
Medium: fanfiction
Warnings/Spoilers: PG-13; Spoilers through Season 10 "Harvest"
Disclaimer: Absolutely 100% not mine. All hail the DCUniverse!
Author's Note: theclexfactor, you were getting a fanvid until my hard drive committed silicon suicide and took out my vidding software along with most of my clips with it. I loved your prompts and once I get a new program that works well with my new OS, I plan to make that vid, too, but for now, I hope this suffices.

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